U.S Cyber Propaganda War

Publicerat: juli 6, 2011 i Banker, Ekonomi, Korruption, Media, Olja, Politik
  1. idiotjim skriver:


    Its everytime o´clock online and free of bondage to nation.


    No one knows how and with what sequence and speed the web

    transend itself.

    Or how many minds holding the doorhandles or being

    breastfed by the

    same mother or hunted by no one but scared of love.


    Its a strange thing this phenomena.

    Its not own by you.

    Not by me.

    No nation, no group, no any single interest

    can or may claim it as theirs.


    No it is not theirs, or ours or in any general way owned

    more than a lakes or a rivers or a oceans

    H2O moleculesis own.

    The same water you run in your bath,

    were a week ago in Ganges after melting,

    from the artic icecap earlier that morning.


    The same with the web.

    and with its quality of eternal and loss.


    Its everytime o´clock online and free of bondage to nation.



  2. Peter Madison skriver:

    USA – den siste sovjetstaten…


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